Now Proudly Serving Orange County

Now Proudly Serving Orange County

Our Specialized Services

From help with everyday tasks to providing a sense of peace and stability, our customized care services evolve alongside the needs of our clients.

Options for Specialized Care

Proudly offered in Los Angeles & Orange County, California


Drawing from a wealth of knowledge in Alzheimer’s-specific care, we focus on meaningful connections and top-quality nursing care for Alzheimer’s disease to provide families with peace of mind and clients with a renewed sense of joy and autonomy.


Through tailor-made care plans, constant compassion, and premium dementia-specific training, we provide premium nursing care for dementia clients, without leaving their homes.


Through tailor-made care plans, constant compassion, and Parkinson’s-specific training, we provide tailored homecare for Parkinson’s patients, without leaving their homes. When you or your loved one work with one of our Care Companions, they are more than ready to step in and take the caregiver’s stress and burden off your shoulders.


No matter what stage you or your loved ones are in, our Care Companions are ready to assist with setting up in-home physical therapy to help promote mobility and flexibility while also providing with everyday tasks such as bathing, dressing, personal hygiene care.

Heart Disease

Heart disease and heart failure are medically different but fall under the same category. Our Care Companions are trained in heart disease-specialized care in order to provide your loved one-or yourself-with the proper home care that is unique to each client’s needs.


At Legacy Homecare LA, we understand the importance of companionship when it comes to our clients. It can be difficult to provide for your loved one while also tending to your own life at the same time.

General Care Companionship

We understand that your loved one may desire to remain in the comfortable, familiar, and stable environment of their home. Our Care Companions offer a range of customizable at-home services, designed to provide the highest levels of support through every moment, without disrupting freedom or dignity.