Specialized homecare through all stages of Alzheimer’s

In the moments where it feels like all is forgotten, we remember.

A compassionate caregiver from Legacy Home Care Los Angeles is depicted attentively caring for a client with Alzheimer’s, representing the company’s commitment to offering personalized and empathetic care tailored to the unique needs and stages of Alzheimer’s patients in their own homes.

In Home Care for Alzheimer’s

Drawing from a wealth of knowledge in Alzheimer’s-specific care, we focus on meaningful connections and top-quality nursing care for Alzheimer’s disease to provide families with peace of mind and clients with a renewed sense of joy and autonomy. Our approach is completely catered to your loved one’s needs, combining your firsthand knowledge of their lifestyle and personality with our specialized training and expertise.

By providing companionship and day-to-day support during the early stages of Alzheimer’s, our caregivers can become grounding forces and familiar faces in your loved one’s life. As their needs evolve, our customized care plans change in tandem, providing a seamless transition through all seven stages of Alzheimer’s, without any disruptions that could destabilize their condition.

We’re ready to step in at any stage of progression and are equipped with the knowledge to best meet their unique needs at that moment, always guided by your concerns and their desires.

Concerns about Alzheimer’s care? Let us ease your worries.

Compassionate, attentive health care begins with the relationship between the client and their Alzheimer’s caregiver. These deep bonds and meaningful connections, forged organically over time, are what set our homecare for Alzheimer’s clients apart. And by prioritizing specialized training, career advancement opportunities, steady work, and fair wages that far exceed the average in Los Angeles, we’re providing our Alzheimer’s caregivers with the stability they need to commit fully to every individual they care for.

With every new client that joins our legacy, we take responsibility for their care beyond just the short term. That’s because we understand that consistency—familiar faces, places, and daily activities—is paramount in an Alzheimer’s patient’s wellbeing, and we strive to provide stable, safe environments for clients living with Alzheimer’s, whether in the early or more advanced stages. Between our Care Companions and private duty registered nurses, we can assist an Alzheimer’s patient through every stage of progression, so you only have to go through this process once.

Naturally, relationships and commitment are only the beginning. We take certifications and training seriously, too, when it comes to memory care. We invest in the education of our caregivers, sending them to the leading training programs in the country for Alzheimer’s disease. Backed by expertise and grounded in personal relationships, our Alzheimer’s home care helps your loved one rediscover themselves slowly and surely.

We’re intimately familiar with the progressive nature of Alzheimer’s disease, and how your loved one’s needs may change over time. That’s why we provide customized care plans that can evolve with their condition—on a yearly, monthly, or even weekly basis. Through health assessments and rigorous planning, our Alzheimer’s caregivers pay close attention to your loved one’s unique behavior. From what brings them joy to what triggers their anxiety, we’re committed to understanding the full extent of their personality and experience. We adjust our home health care as needed while maintaining constancy and stability.

Still have concerns specific to your family member’s experiences with Alzheimer’s? Reach out today for a one-on-one discussion of how we can best support them and you as you navigate this process.

Caregiving beyond Alzheimer’s

Homecare needs are different for everyone. No matter what yours are, we can provide specialized care.


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