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My loved one has unique triggers that have changed over time. How will you approach their care?

We’re intimately familiar with the progressive nature of Alzheimer’s disease, and how your loved one’s needs may change over time. That’s why we provide customized care plans that can evolve with their condition—on a yearly, monthly, or even weekly basis. Through health assessments and rigorous planning, our Alzheimer’s caregivers pay close attention to your loved one’s unique behavior. From what brings them joy to what triggers their anxiety, we’re committed to understanding the full extent of their personality and experience. We adjust our home health care as needed while maintaining constancy and stability.

Still have concerns specific to your family member’s experiences with Alzheimer’s? Reach out today for a one-on-one discussion of how we can best support them and you as you navigate this process.

What sets your Alzheimer’s care apart?

Compassionate, attentive health care begins with the relationship between the client and their Alzheimer’s caregiver. These deep bonds and meaningful connections, forged organically over time, are what set our home care for Alzheimer’s clients apart. And by prioritizing specialized training, career advancement opportunities, steady work, and fair wages that far exceed the average in Los Angeles, we’re providing our Alzheimer’s caregivers with the stability they need to commit fully to every individual they care for.

With every new client that joins our legacy, we take responsibility for their care beyond just the short term. That’s because we understand that consistency—familiar faces, places, and daily activities—is paramount in an Alzheimer’s patient’s wellbeing, and we strive to provide stable, safe environments for clients living with Alzheimer’s, whether in the early or more advanced stages. Between our Care Companions and private duty registered nurses, we can assist an Alzheimer’s patient through every stage of progression, so you only have to go through this process once.

Naturally, relationships and commitment are only the beginning. We take certifications and training seriously, too, when it comes to memory care. We invest in the education of our caregivers, sending them to the leading training programs in the country for Alzheimer’s disease. Backed by expertise and grounded in personal relationships, our Alzheimer’s home care helps your loved one rediscover themselves slowly and surely.

When should I consider home care for my loved one?

There is no right or wrong time to begin home care, so the short answer is whenever you decide you want or need it. There are many common entry points into at-home care, whether at the beginning of an Alzheimer’s or dementia diagnosis, during the recovery period following a substantial surgical procedure, or at a critical turning point in your loved one’s life. For many families and caretakers, it alleviates significant anxiety to start the transition early, instead of waiting for a high-stress catalyst.

Homecare isn’t just for big life moments. It’s also an opportunity for day-to-day companionship and risk prevention around the house. The reasons for starting home care are highly varied and must be weighed in the context of each unique situation.

If you’re unsure whether home care is the right next step, reach out and schedule a consultation with us today. We’ll equip you with the resources and assistance you need to decide if home care is the path for you.

How long do your home care services last?

The timeline is entirely up to you and your loved one. Homecare is a very personal and important decision, and the length of services can vary based on the patient’s level of independence or expected progression.

We’re happy to take it slow or ramp up quickly—whatever would make you most comfortable. We see our clients through, as long as we’re needed, because we recognize the importance of stability, consistency, and the meaningful relationships formed between clients and their in-home caregiver.

I’m overwhelmed by the number of choices to make. Where should I start?

Choosing a home care service is a critical step in the caregiving process, and we understand that navigating through the various options can be confusing. Remember that home care is a very personal service, and ultimately, the best caregiving depends on the needs and preferences of those affected. A good first step is to open a line of communication with your prospective home care provider.

As you assess your options, look for caregivers that have authority and experience within this highly specialized field, that understand and can accommodate your needs and perspective, and that provide empowering, empathetic care. Once you decide to put your trust in us, we can walk you through any and all care decisions that need to be made, first listening to your concerns then guiding you forward based on our specialized training and industry expertise.

As their disease progresses, how much work will I need to do to adjust their care?

As Alzheimer’s and dementia progresses, we understand that your loved one may require additional care. With customizable care plans as a cornerstone of our home care, we can ensure a smooth transition through the different stages of Alzheimer’s and dementia, providing you with the resources and additional care you need.

If your loved one requires an eventual transition to end-of-life care, you can maintain the stability and quality of Legacy Homecare LA while adjusting to meet their emerging needs. Staffed with home health companions, we facilitate a seamless shift of caregivers at this stage—no disruptions, no secondary searches needed.

How involved in the caregiving process should I be after enrolling in Legacy Homecare LA services?

Your involvement in your loved one’s caregiving is a personal decision, and at Legacy Homecare LA, we’ll support your choice regardless. Either way, you can rest assured that our attentive and expertly trained companions will provide premium care to your loved ones, allowing you to take a step back if you choose.

At the same time, you can choose to play an active role in your loved one’s home care. We’ll gladly listen to your concerns and insights, customizing our caregiving approach to suit your family. At Legacy Homecare LA, we combine our professional expertise with a personal touch to provide the elite care that every individual deserves.

Do Care Companions have certifications?

Yes! All of our Care Companions are licensed and certified Home Health Aides. Our thoroughly trained Care Companions bring a wealth of experience and empathy to the bedside, as well as specialized knowledge about the intricacies of Alzheimer’s and dementia care. Care Companions do not provide medical care, but rather daily companionship and functional assistance.

Do Care Companions work with other members of the caregiving team?

Absolutely. Our Care Companions are consistently and proactively in communicating with the Legacy Care Team. We work to always be aware of your loved one’s medical needs and fully up to date on any changes in their situation. They can also adjust according to the concerns and needs of the most important members of the caregiving team—friends and family members. With your input and recommendations top of mind, our Care Companions work to alleviate your anxiety, replacing it with renewed freedom and peace of mind.

My loved one needs a specific service not listed. Can you provide it?

In most cases, yes! We understand that Alzheimer’s and dementia impact everyone differently, and the needs of your loved ones may stretch beyond the typical home health services offered. With endless customization potential, our personal care services are designed to fit your needs, desires, and plans. We’re always available to discuss how we can best address your additional concerns. Let us know what works for you, and we’ll make sure it’s taken care of.

Are Care Companions Employees of Legacy Homecare LA?

Yes, all of our Care Companions are hired by and are direct employees of Legacy Homecare LA. Our company does not subcontract any core homecare services. Given this, we are solely responsible to pay all taxes, insurances, and fees associated with caregivers. Under no circumstance would a client need to pay our caregivers directly.

Are Care Companions Insured by Legacy Homecare LA?

Yes! All of our Care Companions are licensed, insured and bonded.

Does Legacy Homecare LA accept Medicare or Medi-Cal?

Legacy Homecare LA is private pay agency. However, we can work with private Long Term Care Insurance policies.