Now Proudly Serving Orange County

Now Proudly Serving Orange County

Heart Disease

Bring stability, companionship, and safety back into your loved one’s life.

At-Home Services for Heart Disease in Los Angeles & Orange County

Heart disease and heart failure are medically different but fall under the same category. Our Care Companions are trained in heart disease care in order to provide your loved one—or yourself—with the proper home care that is unique to each client’s needs. Whether you or your loved one suffer from heart arrhythmia, congenital heart defects, cardiomyopathy, heart infection, or valvular heart disease, our Care Companions are equipped with training from the country’s top programs as well as top-tier benefits such as industry-leading compensation, opportunities for career growth, and guaranteed work that provides much-needed stability.

At Legacy Homecare LA, we specialize in creating plans that take the burden off of your shoulders and provide you or your loved on with care plans that include tasks such as continuous heart monitoring, providing medication reminders, daily activities to promote an active lifestyle and helping with meal preparation and diet. Our skilled home care workers are there around the clock to help your loved one through daily tasks while monitoring for risk factors.

Questions + Concerns

Our biggest, most important differentiator is our commitment to our people—this includes our clients, and unlike many other home health services, our family caregivers. We provide our heart disease Care Companions with everything they need to provide the absolute best care to their clients. We understand that the symptoms for this disease can be wide ranging, from shortness of breath to heart failure which is why our team is back with heart disease-specific training from the country’s top programs to provide a customized care plan for you or or your loved one.

We bring our expertise into the home to provide support for your loved one for this disease and for this stage in life. From teaching your loved one how to recognize symptoms, to educating them on the importance of physical activity and diet. We understand that cardiac care is something that should not be taken lightly which is why we strive to provide top-tier care through spotting risk factors, administering medications, checking vital signs, all while in the comfort of your own home.

Switching to a new in-home Care Companion can be done efficiently and discreetly. Despite our thoughtful, in-depth matching process, some clients have very particular desires and don’t mesh with certain personality types, or may have a sudden change in preference—that’s perfectly okay, and we understand the importance of of making a client feel comfortable and secure.

Our primary concern is always the patient’s comfort, and that includes their assigned companion. Whether your loved one is feeling uncomfortable or you want a Heart Disease Care Companion with a specific set of medical experience, we’re happy to find you a person better fit.

Most of our patients have multiple conditions. We are able to tailor treatment to your in home care needs.

Caregiving beyond Heart Disease

Homecare needs are different for everyone. No matter what yours are, we can provide specialized care.





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