Now Proudly Serving Orange County

Now Proudly Serving Orange County


Home Care offered in Los Angeles County, California

Serving areas across the county, our premium home health agency in Encino meets you more than halfway.

Homecare in Encino, CA

If your loved one has received a diagnosis of a degenerative illness like Parkinson’s or dementia, you may initially try to look after them yourself. However, as their condition progresses, it’s more practical for you to bring in experienced help. At Legacy Homecare LA, we are proud to serve families in the Encino community by providing an unmatched level of in-home care.

What We Do

Many older adults have spent years living in the same house, raising their families and getting to know their neighbors. Even when it’s no longer safe for them to live independently, they may still prefer to age in place. We provide a more dignified, personalized alternative to options like a nursing home.

Our trained team takes a person-first approach, always striving to create the best experience for our clients, employees, and their families. Older adults thrive with consistency and familiarity, and our Care Companions offer valuable daily support and friendship.  

As your loved one’s needs change, they might require more help than you feel comfortable handling. If the thought of moving your parents or grandparents into an assisted living facility doesn’t appeal to your family, our Encino homecare services can let them remain in the comfort of their home.

Experience the Legacy Homecare LA Difference

Sadly, thousands of American adults live with incurable conditions like Alzheimer’s and ALS. Witnessing his grandfather’s journey with Alzheimer’s inspired our founder, Jason Kidushim, to create a solution to help families affected by these diseases.

Our philosophy is that homecare is a shared journey. We are passionate about providing customized services that adapt to our clients’ changing needs. That’s why we recruit, vet, and train the homecare industry’s top talent with highly competitive pay and generous benefits. We can offer 24/7 coverage, ensuring your loved one always has someone to look after them.

Specialized Care in Encino, California

Our Care Companions and registered nurses receive ongoing education focused on person-first elder care. We ensure your loved one is in the best possible hands with customized care for illnesses like these.

  • ALS: ALS is an illness that can gradually diminish mobility and independence. Our caregivers have the skills to provide daily physical therapy while minimizing stress and unease, all from the comfort of home. We provide our team members with ALS-specific training from the country’s top programs.
  • Dementia: Dementia can take three different forms, and our Care Companions are knowledgeable about all of them. By living at home, dementia clients maintain the comfortable lifestyle they’re used to while receiving the hands-on attention they need. 
  • Heart disease: Heart disease symptoms can be wide-ranging, which is why we strive to provide top-tier care through spotting risk factors, administering medications, and checking vital signs.
  • Alzheimer’s: We’re intimately familiar with how Alzheimer’s disease symptoms can change over time, and we’ll provide plans that seamlessly evolve with your loved one’s condition and behavior. We take time to appreciate the full extent of their personality and experience, so we can adjust our home health care as needed.
  • Parkinson’s: As Parkinson’s disease progresses, our Care Companions will adapt their care procedures to reflect that. We can take care of your loved one, ensuring their safety throughout daily tasks such as exercise, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, and outings.

Meeting Your Family’s Needs in Encino, CA

We know it can be challenging to entrust your loved one’s well-being to someone else, especially if their condition has already advanced significantly. If a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, heart disease, or ALS has impacted your family, learn how we can take the responsibility of caregiving off your shoulders by treating your loved one with the compassionate attention they deserve. Call us at (310) 974-4517 or contact us online today.

A caregiver from Legacy Home Care Los Angeles is depicted engaging with a senior client, illustrating the company's easy and supportive process for starting customized in-home care services, ensuring every day is the best day for their clients in various Los Angeles neighborhoods.

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