Customizable, specialized homecare for dementia clients

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Homecare for Dementia

Through tailor-made care plans, constant compassion, and dementia-specific training, we provide premium nursing care for dementia clients. Our clients receive world-class care without ever leaving their homes.

At any point during the seven stages of dementia, our Care Companions are more than ready to step in and take the caregiver’s stress and burden off your shoulders. From daytime companionship and help with simple tasks to 24-hour in-home healthcare, our family caregivers provide services to match your loved one’s needs.

Dementia can take various forms, and our Care Companions are equipped to handle every specific type. We specialize in care for those with vascular dementia, Lewy body dementia, and frontotemporal dementia.

In the early stages of dementia, our specialized staff become trusted dementia caregivers and familiar friends who bring joy and support to daily routines. By remaining in their homes, dementia clients maintain their comfortable lifestyle while receiving the home care they—and many families—need to feel secure.

As dementia symptoms progress, our highly trained dementia caregivers effortlessly adapt to each dementia patient’s changing needs. They can provide additional support services as necessary, even facilitating the transition to a registered nurse as the primary professional caregiver. No matter what your family needs, we can help.

Homecare for Dementia

Our biggest, most important differentiator is our commitment to our people—this includes our clients, and unlike many other home health services, our family caregivers. We provide our dementia Care Companions with everything they need to provide the absolute best care to their clients. This includes resources like dementia-specific training from the country’s top programs as well as top-tier benefits such as industry-leading compensation, opportunities for career growth, and guaranteed work that provides much-needed stability.

Any memory care patient can easily, discreetly switch to a new in-home Care Companion. Despite our thoughtful, in-depth matching process, some memory care clients have very particular desires and don’t mesh with certain personality types, or may have a sudden change in preference—that’s perfectly okay, and we understand the unpredictability of patient behavior.

Our primary concern is always the dementia patient’s comfort, and that includes their assigned companion. Whether your loved one is feeling uncomfortable or you want a dementia Care Companion with a specific set of medical experience, we’re happy to find you a person better fit.

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