Continuing the Legacy

A Letter from Our Founder: Jason J. Kidushim.

Enlisted April 20, 1942. Discharged Jan 17, 1946.

I founded Legacy Homecare LA in honor of my grandfather, Joseph I. Kidushim.

While serving in the South Pacific during WWII, Joseph lost his right leg protecting his men from oncoming fire. He received the Purple Heart and Silver Star, along with a bevy of other medals for his heroism. After the war, he went on to become a successful businessman in Southern California. Despite the loss of his leg, you never would have called my grandfather disabled. He was gregarious, determined, and lived life to the fullest.

At age 82, everything changed when a doctor diagnosed my grandfather with Alzheimer’s. At first, he just seemed a bit forgetful, and my grandmother was able to care for him on her own. As the disease progressed, he needed more and more help. Eventually, it became more than my grandmother could handle. My grandmother passed away several years after my grandfather received his Alzheimer’s diagnosis, due in part to the rigors of caring for him on her own. Years prior, my grandfather made his children promise that they would not place him in a nursing home. They honored his wish after my grandmother’s passing. First, they hired live-in support for him in his home. Eventually, they made the decision to move my grandfather and his caregivers into my parents’ home.

In the last twelve years of his life, I saw what this life-altering, progressive, disease does to a person. It turned a decorated war hero into someone who needed assistance 24/7. He relied on others to bathe, eat, and get dressed. This was someone with such a powerful will and a loving and supportive family, but it still took a village.

My grandfather’s legacy changed the course of my life. He inspired me to dedicate the past decade of my life to helping thousands of other families navigate what we went through. I am so excited to bring everything I have learned, both professionally and personally, back home, to Southern California.

How we treat our elderly matters. Legacy Homecare LA will focus on helping older adults age at home while honoring each person’s legacy. We will strive to create the best day, every day, for every one of our clients.




People First. Value Driven.
We live and breathe our Core Values, Every Day.


Recognizing and acknowledging your needs.


Utilizing data and experience to make decisions.


Putting ourselves in your shoes.


We will find a solution.

Our dedicated team, committed to your needs.

We understand how personal this is—it is for us, too. With professional expertise in-homecare and a personal understanding of the complex choices around caregiving, we’re here to help you help your loved ones.

Jason Kidushim

CEO & Founder

Jason was a partner and executive at a leading homecare company in New York City, where he led sales, operations, and human resources for almost a decade. Jason increased sales by 280% over a 6-year period, as well as improved margins and increased EBITDA. He spearheaded change management and turnaround during significant restructuring, which increased profit margin from 2.6% to 10.2%.

Jason also managed the acquisition of a care management firm, successfully integrating the two organizations by analyzing best practices and cultivating a new hybrid culture. He also cultivated operational excellence, delivering several industry awards, including Best of Home Care Leader, Best of Home Care Provider, and Best of Home Care Employer for multiple years, given out by the nation’s leading third-party evaluator. He also was a member of the Vistage, Key Man Executive group, learning valuable leadership lessons since 2018.

In his prior roles, Jason spent a decade in the banking industry. He led a team of financial underwriters in the premium finance division of Wintrust Financial, funding over one billion dollars in fully secured loans. Jason graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz where he received a B.A. in Economics while serving as President and Captain of the Rugby Team. Combining the personal with the professional, Jason exemplifies the Legacy Homecare LA approach.

Zehra Dhanani, RN, MSN

Director of Client Care Services

Coming from a family of immigrants, Zehra experienced firsthand the struggles of having limited resources. She grew up helping her family navigate through disease processes such as high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease. With a passion to help others, she quickly developed an interest in the field of medicine and pursued a career in nursing. Shortly after completing her education, Zehra was handpicked to be a part of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where she spent several years as a Medical-Surgical, Orthopedic, and Pediatric Nurse. As she transitioned into leadership positions, she found her calling in helping the elderly. As the Director of Client Care Services, Zehra provides clinical support to our Care Companions as well as our clients and their families. Her clinical lens allows us to provide our clients with an environment that is safe, secure, and prosperous. Being member of the American Nurses Association, with rigorous training and certification from the Alzheimer’s Association, Zehra aims to continue to shape the future of nursing and home healthcare.

Kurt Davis

Director of Business Development

Kurt Davis has joined the Legacy Homecare LA team as the Director of Business Development. Kurt comes to Legacy with nearly eight years of home care experience in both operations and business development. Kurt started his homecare journey with 123 Homecare in 2015 as the 5th member of the team. Kurt helped 123 Homecare grow and be honored by Inc Magazine as the 294th fasted growing company in the country in 2018. In 2021 123 Homecare was acquired. After working with the new parent company for over a year Kurt met Legacy’s founder, Jason Kidushim, and decided to join the Legacy Homecare team. Jason and Kurt align on their core beliefs in homecare which center around providing high quality care, excellent communication with clients, first class treatment of caregivers, and building a culture of fun and caring individuals. Kurt graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Connecticut in 2011. When Kurt is not working, he enjoys spending time with his new wife, Nicole, going on hikes, and talking with his family who live across the country. Legacy Homecare LA is excited to welcome Kurt to the leadership team and look forward to continued growth and success together.

Kierra Landon

Registered Nurse Associate

Kierra Landon has joined the Legacy Homecare LA team as the Registered Nurse Associate. Kierra joins the Legacy Team with seven years of healthcare and customer service experience. Kierra began working as an Emergency Medical Technician in Oregon, from which she transitioned to work as a patient care coordinator at a Dual Diagnosis Rehabilitation Center in Malibu. Kierra proceeded to obtain her Registered Nurse certification and began working in homecare herself traveling to patients homes, providing care for SameDay Health and providing direct patient care within the hospital as well. With her wide variety of experience in patient care, Kierra aligned with Legacy’s mission and the personal connection to providing empathetic, quality care and a quality work environment for caregivers. When Kierra is not working, she enjoys traveling, snowboarding, dancing and spending time with family and friends.

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I’m overwhelmed by the number of choices to make. Where should I start?

Choosing a homecare service is a critical step in the caregiving process, and we understand that navigating through the various options can be confusing. Remember that homecare is a very personal service, and ultimately, the best caregiving depends on the needs and preferences of those affected. A good first step is to open a line of communication with your prospective homecare provider.

As you assess your options, look for caregivers that have authority and experience within this highly specialized field, that understand and can accommodate your needs and perspective, and that provide empowering, empathetic care. Once you decide to put your trust in us, we can walk you through any and all care decisions that need to be made, first listening to your concerns then guiding you forward based on our specialized training and industry expertise.

As their disease progresses, how much work will I need to do to adjust their care?

As aging and disease progresses, we understand that your loved one may require additional care. With customizable care plans as a cornerstone of our homecare, we can ensure a smooth transition through the different stages of disease progression, providing you with the resources and additional care you need.

If your loved one requires an eventual transition to end-of-life care, you can maintain the stability and quality of Legacy Homecare LA while adjusting to meet their emerging needs. Staffed with home health companions, we facilitate a seamless shift of caregivers at this stage—no disruptions, no secondary searches needed.

How involved in the caregiving process should I be after enrolling in Legacy Homecare LA services?

Your involvement in your loved one’s caregiving is a personal decision, and at Legacy Homecare LA, we’ll support your choice regardless. Either way, you can rest assured that our attentive and expertly trained companions will provide premium care to your loved ones, allowing you to take a step back if you choose.

At the same time, you can choose to play an active role in your loved one’s homecare. We’ll gladly listen to your concerns and insights, customizing our caregiving approach to suit your family. At Legacy Homecare LA, we combine our professional expertise with a personal touch to provide the elite care that every individual deserves.

Rest easy and leave the homecare to us.

Reach out to learn more about our premium homecare offerings, designed to provide your loved ones with the focused attention and seamless care they deserve.

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