Bring stability, companionship, and safety back into your loved one’s life.

Companion Care in LA

At Legacy Homecare LA, we understand the importance of companionship when it comes to our clients. It can be difficult to provide for your loved one while also tending to your own life at the same time. Thanks to our specially trained Care Companions, they are more than ready to step in and take the caregiver’s stress and burden off your shoulders. From daytime companionship such as taking your loved one to necessary appointments, to sitting and having conversations, our family caregivers provide services to match your loved one’s needs.

Through our companionship services, our specialized healthcare staff become trusted caregivers and familiar friends who bring joy and support to daily routines. By remaining in their homes, clients can maintain their comfortable lifestyle while receiving the necessary companionship and support from our Care Companions so you can feel comfortable and secure that your loved one is never alone.

Give your loved one—and yourself—newfound peace of mind and independence. At every stage and age, we can help with day-to-day living or advanced healthcare, always guided by our home care client’s unique needs.

Questions & Concerns About Our LA Companions

What sets your companionship care apart?

Our biggest, most important differentiator is our commitment to our people—this includes our clients, and unlike many other home health services, our family caregivers. We provide our companionship Care Companions with everything they need to provide the absolute best care to their clients.This includes specific training from the country’s top programs as well as top-tier benefits such as industry-leading compensation, opportunities for career growth, and guaranteed work that provides much-needed stability.

Our Care Companions are always there to provide you or your loved one with support and a familiar face when needed. From helping with daily tasks such as getting their hair or nails done, to playing games or building puzzles, our home care staff is always ready to provide companionship and stability.

What if my family member doesn’t like their Care Companion?

Any patient or family can easily, and discreetly switch to a new in-home Care Companion. Despite our thoughtful, in-depth matching process, some clients have very particular desires and don’t mesh with certain personality types, or may have a sudden change in preference—that’s perfectly okay, and we understand the unpredictability of this change.

Our primary concern is always the patient’s comfort, and that includes their assigned companion. Whether your loved one is feeling uncomfortable or you want a Care Companion with a specific set of medical experience, we’re happy to find you a person better fit.

Caregiving beyond Companionship

Homecare needs are different for everyone. No matter what yours are, we can provide specialized care.

Feel confident in your homecare decision with dedicated, reliable Care Companions

Learn about our specialized care from a Legacy Homecare LA team member.

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