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When should I consider home care for my loved one?

There is no right or wrong time to begin home care, so the short answer is whenever you decide you want or need it. There are many common entry points into at-home care, whether at the beginning of an Alzheimer’s or dementia diagnosis, during the recovery period following a substantial surgical procedure, or at a critical turning point in your loved one’s life. For many families and caretakers, it alleviates significant anxiety to start the transition early, instead of waiting for a high-stress catalyst.

Homecare isn’t just for big life moments. It’s also an opportunity for day-to-day companionship and risk prevention around the house. The reasons for starting home care are highly varied and must be weighed in the context of each unique situation.

If you’re unsure whether home care is the right next step, reach out and schedule a consultation with us today. We’ll equip you with the resources and assistance you need to decide if home care is the path for you.