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Fall Prevention

Falls are a leading cause of injury and death among older Americans. Factors that increase fall risk

fall risk assessment
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What Do Caregivers Do?

It can be challenging for those who have aging loved ones needing help to find the right type of car

what do caregivers do
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As The Society Grows Older, Will Cognitive Robotics Become More Relevant Than Ever?

Life expectancy worldwide has risen, thanks to advancements in medicine and the overall improvement

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Why Companionship is So Important for the Elderly and Tips for Caretakers

The need for companionship is strong in the elderly population and finding ways to provide social in

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Practical Ways To Alleviate Loneliness And Isolation Among Older Adults

Over 14 million older adults live alone in the U.S., according to the Administration on Aging. Unfor

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Physical Activity May Reduce Age-Related Movement Problems

Age-related brain lesions known as white matter hyperintensities have been linked to movement proble

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Stress accelerates aging of the immune system, increasing risk of cancer and heart disease: study

Social stress, such as that resulting from traumatizing events, work anxiety, everyday worries and d

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Uncontrolled Diabetes Can Advance Heart Failure from Early Stage to Late Stage

Among older adults with early stage — also known as preclinical — heart failure, uncontrolled di

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New Clinical Studies In ALS Show Promise

There are approximately 17,000 people in the United States living with the progressive neuromuscular

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Brain-computer interface helps patient with locked-in syndrome communicate

The patient, a 37-year old man with ALS, was able to communicate despite not having any voluntary mu